Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catching Up

Wow - I had to send my laptop to be repaired and was without it for almost 6 weeks! It is sad to say how much I missed it, and how happy I am to have it back at last! How addicted have we become to technology? Blogs, Facebook, Twitter the list goes on. I am also about to embrace the very technology that I scorned years ago for being ridiculous, the dreaded Blackberry. I used to think people were insane, who need a computer in their pocket all the time? Who need to stay connected all the time. Apparently now I do - I can't wait for it to be activated! Actually I am most excited to be able to have my calender with me all the time. I am a devoted Outlook user and love the fact that I will have a calender and my contacts in my phone!

At any rate I am catching up on all things electronic today. I just published all the comments I have received lately. I am so happy to hear from you all even though my posts have been a bit sporadic. I am glad to report that I am feeling MUCH better these days. The chemo haze has lifted, I am getting my energy back, my hair is starting to grow, and it seems like spring has finally spring here in the Mid Atlantic region! On top of that Connor ate a Taco! YAY - I could hardly believe it. He ate the whole thing, like a real big boy! He got a piece of candy as a treat after dinner that night! Perhaps he is really maturing .He has tasted and eaten a few new things lately. If I can recall correctly, he ate a fish stick, sweet potato french fry, dried apples and watermelon (although he only licked it). I have found two approaches that can work provided he is is the right mood and hungry. If I see him pick up something new I ignore it, and watch out of the corner of my eye until I see him eat it. Competition with his brother works too. When I served the fish sticks and fries, all it took was for his brother to ask if he could have it and Connor was all over it! There was no way he was going to give his food to his brother. Hey - whatever works. How I need a plan to get rid of the sippy cups!


Jennifer B said...

Hi! So glad to see a new post from you! I would go crazy without the computer! I spend way too much time in front of it, but I do enjoy it so much.

Amazing how you get so much accomplished despite the challenges. Hope you and the family will have a wonderful spring.

Speedbump Kitchen said...

Yeah for all the good things in this post! Have a great Easter!