Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Altered Muffun Mix

I am writing this post while getting my 6th chemo treatment. If all goes well this will be my LAST! We are praying and hoping that this last treatment delivers the sucker punch needed to knock this cancer OUT!
I have been trying be really diligent about getting at least some healthy fruits and veggies in my kids every day. Riley discovered he loves blackberries and Connor will eat blueberries - both great antioxidants that will fight cancer. Kelsey will eat them in the form of a smoothie so I need to start making some. I got a little sneaky this weekend. I was making a batch of Gingerbread mini muffins from the Gluten Free Pantry. All my kids love these muffins so I decided to sneak in some ground flax seed and vitamin enriched pomegranate applesauce. (I am all about fruits with antioxidants). I am pleased to report that they all ate them up. Fortunately I made a double batch so I can keep them in the freezer and pull them out when needed.
In fact ConCheck Spellingnor (my really picky one) ate a really big and healthy dinner. I started my serving him the food I wanted him to eat first. They as he asked for more things I gave them to him one at a time. He ate every bite! He started with 3 mini flax/ginger/apple muffins, handful of blueberries, and 3 grape tomatoes. The he asked for a waffle (Van's wheat free) followed up by a few organic corn chips and a cup of milk. I felt really good about putting him to bed.
Lets see if he eats the meatballs we are planing to serve tonight!