Monday, August 25, 2008

My Baby is Turning 3

I am not sure if there is any blogging protocol for just checking out. That is where I have been - checked out, unplugged , off the grid , whatever you want to call it. It started with the fact that I had to relinquish my lap top to the geek squad twice. (Cost me $100 but it was worth it. I got cleaned up - more memory - updated anti virus - etc etc.) At first I really missed my PC and Internet connection. Then, when I did get it back I had a hard time motivating my self to get back on line. Now - I have tons of reading and writing to catch up on! If I have committed an offense - my apologies.

Anyway - my baby turns 3 on Thursday. I am conflicted about this. Perhaps this has to do with my recent disconnect - who knows. We have moved him to a boy boy bed and are in the process potty training. One one hand I am sad that we will no longer have a baby. But I am so ready to ditch the diaper pail! Seven years of diapers is enough! I see other families with older kids at the pool. They can actually sit and have a conversation without having to chase a toddler down constantly. It must be nice - it will be nice, someday. I do have a close friend who is about to deliver her first baby, so I guess I can get some baby time in without the breastfeeding and sleepless nights.

In the meantime I am planing a SMALL allergen free train theme birthday party for the weekend. I planned it at 2 pm so I would only have to serve light snacks and cake. Pretty simple. I think I have the cake handled - a la Cherrybrook Kitchens. I will recap the details after the party.