Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Latest

First I want to thank you all for the supportive comments to my recent posts. These last few months have been trying times for many reasons. But as spring is hopefully around the corner, I look forward to a fresh start. I have some good news to report. My most recent PET scan showed the results we were looking for. Basically the areas that lit up as cancerous, are no longer lighting up. Meaning the chemo seems to have killed the cancer cells we saw previously. This is the best news we could have hoped for at this point. We are VERY relieved and grateful that chemo seems to work. It was worth every exhausting, nauseous, crappy day. I have always said that I will put up with any treatment and every side effect necessary to kick this cancer to the curb! I remain cautious - I am not totally out of the woods and will not be for a long time. I will continue to get anti cancer treatments (Herceptin) and bone treatment (Aredia) ever 3 weeks. I also take a daily pill to repress the estrogen on which the cancer would feed. I will also be heading back the the surgeon to discuss the possibility of surgery. I am gradually getting my strength back and I am so happy that I can take my life off hold for now! I continue to be thankful for all your thoughts and prayers.

Now on to my picky eater. I have decided I want to free up some cupboard space by getting rid of the sippy cups. I have been forcing C. to drink from a big boy cup. The positive side effect is that he drinks less milk and has more of an appetite. We all know that too much milk is a huge appetite killer for toddlers! He is eating a little more and has tried some new things. I have been able to get him to eat yogurt again. He also ate a few baked sweet potato fries and even tried soy nut butter. I have my 7 year old to thank for that one. She loves to dip carrots in soy nut butter and got C. to lick the soy nut butter off the carrot. He will not eat it on a sandwich yet, but I am grateful for the small progress we made. If I can add one new food per month I would be happy. Now I have to find a way to get him to eat chicken or turkey burger.